"Aboriginal Art encompasses a wealth of visual art, dance, performance and music. These art forms are all part of our traditional culture and remain important ways of educating people about our beliefs." Walangari Karntawarra

For a wonderful Aboriginal cultural experience with workshops, didgeridoo performances or Sand Paintings, book Walangari and/or his exciting traditional Aboriginal performance  & education troupe, Diramu Aboriginal Dance & Didgeridoo or to purchase art contact Walangari  using the  contact form or phone 0414 932 863.

Aboriginal performer and Aboriginal artist Walangari Karntawarra plays the didgeridoo at his exhibition at Te Papa in New Zealand   Aboriginal artist Walangari Karntawarra’s mesmerzing Western Desert painting “Snake Dreaming”  Aboriginal artist Walangari Karntawarra’s beautiful dot painting “Water Dreaming”  Aboriginal performer Walangari Karntawarra during his residency at the Museum of Sydney

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